GED Practice Tests

GED Practice TestsObtaining a GED credential can help you get into college or land a good paying job. Preparing for your GED can be challenging, but using our directory of GED practice tests can help ease the pain. Our directory includes both free GED practice tests as well as tests that require a fee.

Free GED Practice Tests – Test-Guide provides a complete directory of free GED practice tests. The site also has its own set of practice tests for Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies and Math. The Test Guide tests contain hundreds of practice questions that are automatically scored. The score report also includes explanations for any questions that you missed.

Literacy Link  –  Literacy Link is partnership of PBS, The Kentucky Department of Education and the National Center on Adult Literacy. Literacy Link provides 10 free practice tests (two for each of the five GED subject area tests). Each test contains about half of the number of questions of the actual exam. The tests require you to create an account.

McGraw Hill Practice Tests – McGraw Hill maintains an online learning center that includes both a study guide and free practice tests. The McGraw Hill free practice tests for the 5 subject areas are shown below:

 Fee Based GED Practice Tests

Steck Vaughn Practice Tests – The Steck Vaughn practice tests (available via range from $19.95 to $49.95 depending on the length of your subscription (30 days to 90 days). The practice tests cover all of the areas of the GED subject tests and include a scoring system that is intended to accurately predict your GED equivalent score.

GED Academy – The GED Academy provides online GED practice tests for $39.95. The tests include 3 practice tests in all five subject areas. The subscription also includes a teacher-scored essay.


GED Practice Tests are a very good option for most students.  At a minimum, students preparing for their GED should take a GED sample test to understand their strengths and weaknesses.  After taking a practice test, students will be able to focus their studies on the areas that they need the most help on.